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We are Blair and Kelley Boyce, and we own TaCaCo Alpacas of Delaware located in Laurel, DE. We sell and board alpacas. We also host children’s birthday parties and weddings!

In case you are wondering if TaCaCo is Peruvian, or somehow related to alpacas, it isn’t. The name is derived from the names of our first three grandchildren. Tatum(Ta), Caleb(Ca), and Colbie(Co).

About Blair and Kelley

Blair works full-time and Kelley works at the alpaca store at the farm.  Continue

Nice To Know/Interesting Facts

  • Alpacas are fully insurable. 
  • For those raising alpacas any expenses related to your alpaca business are tax-deductible including travel, lodging, meals, veterinary expenses, and more. 
  • Alpacas are members of the Camelid family. They are mild-tempered, gregarious animals with an inquisitive nature. 
  • There are two breed types: the huacaya (wah-KI’-ya) and suri (“surrey”). Their main difference is their fleece. 
  • Alpacas were first imported into the United States in 1984. Imports directly from Peru began in 1992 and ended in 1998. The Alpaca Registry is now closed to new imports, maintaining the value of the North American herd. 
  • Alpacas stand approximately 36” tall at the withers (the area where the neck and spine come together) and weigh between 100-200 pounds. 
  • Alpacas require only modest amounts of food. They generally feed on fresh hay and small amounts of grain. 
  • Alpacas are sheared once a year, in the spring. Their fleece can be spun into yarn or used to make felt. 
  • The gestation period for alpacas is 330 to 360 days. Crias (baby alpacas) usually weigh between 14-20 pounds at birth.

December Hours:

Regular hours are Thursday and Friday, 10-4, Saturdays 10-2.
**Extended/extra hours for December will be:**
Open the first four Saturdays in December from 10-4
Will be open on Sunday, 12/9 from 12-4
Thursday, 12/13 - will be open 10-8
Friday, 12/21 - will be open 10-8

Other days/hours are available by appointment.

To learn more about TaCaCo Alpacas beans, please contact us

 Kelley: 302-236-7950 Blair: 443-477-2220

Email us at

Tours by appointment only