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Alpaca Beans/Manure:

Alpaca beans are a great fertilizer for flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and houseplants. They are lower in organic matter than fertilizers from other farm animals. They don't have to be cured, and they do not burn plants that they come in contact with!

Alpacas are natural composters. They have a three-stomach digestive system that processes foods very efficiently. This means that seeds don't survive to become weeds in the garden. Alpacas use "community poop piles" which makes it easy to collect and compost their beans and controls the spread of parasites. Alpaca manure has hardly no odor!

Our alpaca beans are free!  Give Blair a call to make arrangements to get some!

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TaCaCo Alpacas

Blair & Kelley Boyce

28494 Fire Tower Rd.,Laurel, DE 19956


Kelley: 302-236-7950

Blair: 443-477-2220


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